Multi-cache GC2EY2P Tyrsovy Sady (Tyrs park)

This is a simple multi-cache, require minimal distance, just such a nice walk around the neighborhood. Please respect the behavior in the park that it after us look as nice as it looks now. Way to the final place is kept so that is not detrimental to any of the objects in the park. Just final place must be kept hidden, but even there is no need to do excavations. Thank you all for the respect of the above and have a nice experience or just a nice walk …

START: (gps signal sometime weak)
N = 801, E = 600
You are standing on the place where once stood „Lime tree of freedom.“ When you look around, You see two objects that are located there instead of that mentioned limes. On one of the object you can be found the date in format: ABAC

STAGE 1: (gps signal sometime weak)
N1 = [N] + A + B + C
E1 = [E] - C

Nice place with beautiful view of the Trebic castle and Jewish Quarter. You stand at one local 'roads' for pedestrians, which was created as part of Tyrs park. For further calculations, you are wondering how many steps are from the bottom to up. Number of steps = D (Rest place has the same number of steps on both sides). On this stairs ran race 'up the stairs' years ago… You can measure the time for how long you run up the stairs and put this information in the log - this is no need to catch a cache… maybe I create an interesting table with cachers 'up the stairs' time…

N2 = [N1] - B - C
E2 = [E1] - D/3

We standing in front of an interesting object, which pointed to star called Polaris in Ursa Minor constellation. The device is called the gnomon, and for the next step you need to know the last digit of the date which found on the device pedestal. Last digit of the date on pedestal = E (this digit is same as number of stars of that constellation - the main stars forming the shape)

N3 = [N2] - 2*B
E3 = [E2] - D/3 - E*2 + A

Tyrs memorial wall - there should be input to the Sokol stadium and wall should be part of this entrance building. Something about Miroslav Tyrs - (born as Friedrich Emmanuel Tiersch) was a Czech critic, art historian, esthetician, a professor of history at the University and the Technical University in Prague, President of Fine Art Department and a member of the panel discussions for the sculptural decoration of the National Theatre. And although originated from German familly he was Czech patriot. He was one of the founding members of Sokol organization and therefore these park bear his name, because this park neighbouring the nearby Sokol stadium and were designed to put the finishing touches around the stadium. M. Tyrs also created the basics of gymnastics for Sokol. Sokol also established principles (strength and virility, activity and perseverance, love for freedom and homeland, voluntary work and discipline, mutual fraternal relations of members). Well, now go back to the numbers. Are you interested in the how many steps to the memorial wall, which you received upon arrival from the previous Stage. Number of steps to the memorial wall = F

N4 = [N3] + B - C
E4 = [E3]+ 3*F + B

A statue of colonel Josef Jirí Švec - which was the same as M. Tyrs a Sokol thoughts promoter. Eight years teaching at primary school in Trebic and later went distribute these ideas to Russia. After the outbreak of war did not entered in Jihlava to his regiment, but reported as a volunteer in the Czech company in Kiev. He began as a commander of the first platoon, but the greatest fame as commander of the eighth won the first company Rifle Regiment. In June 1917 he fought with his company at Zborov. After this legendary victorious battle was for bravery promoted to lieutenant and appointed commander of the 3rd 1st Battalion Regiment. In August 1918 he was promoted to colonel in mid-October he became commander of the 1st Division. Already the 25th October 1918 at three o'clock in the morning but committed suicide after her company refuse to obey him… Well, again some numbers. How many lines on the plaque contains dates. The number of rows with dates = G

N5 = [N4] - E
E5 = [E4] + 2*D - G*B - C - G

An integral part of Tyrs park is from 1960 a monument commemorating the tragedy of Lidice (extermination, a large part of population of the Czech village of Lidice by German occupiers) in the form of an open book. The monument would be needed to correct, so necessary data are still recoverable without a problem. How many lines of text (no dates) is written in the book. Number of lines of text = H

The resulting coordinates of the final hiding place can be found as follows:
NFinal = [N5] - H - 2*A
EFinal = [E5] - 2*H

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